Tiktok Creator fund: zero followers

Tiktok Creator fund: zero followers

Tiktok Creator fund: zero followers


TikTok creator Fund is a application that TikTok has set up to pay eligible creators for their content material. The creator Fund is a pool of cash that TikTok units apart to pay creators based on their movies’ performance and engagement.

TikTok‘s videos are usually 15 to 60 seconds long, and may be set to music, sound results, or voiceovers. The app additionally offers various creative equipment, inclusive of filters, consequences, and stickers, that permit users to enhance their films and cause them to extra enticing.

How to make money on tiktok

There are numerous methods to make cash on TikTok, which include:

1. brand collaborations:

Many brands and corporations accomplice with TikTok creators to sell their services or products. when you have a large following on TikTok and create attractive content material, you may attain out to manufacturers or watch for them to approach you with collaboration possibilities.

2. Influencer advertising and marketing:

As an influencer, you can leverage your audience and influence to promote products and services on TikTok. Influencer advertising companies and platforms like CreatorIQ and Upfluence can assist connect you with brands that align along with your area of interest and audience.

3. TikTok creator Fund:

TikTok gives a writer Fund software that can pay eligible creators for their content. To be eligible, you want to be at the least 18 years vintage, have at least a 100,000 followers, and feature published as a minimum 100,000 videos that each have at least one hundred,000 perspectives within the last 30 days.

4. Live streaming:

TikTok allows customers to stay flow and receive items from their visitors. you may earn cash by receiving digital items, which may be converted into actual cash. The extra engaged your target market is, the extra presents you may acquire.

5. Merchandise sales:

If you have a robust non-public brand on TikTok, you could sell merchandise consisting of apparel, add-ons, and different products on your fans. you could use print-on-call for offerings like Teespring and Printful to create and promote your merchandise with out investing in stock.

it’s crucial to observe that making a living on TikTok takes time and effort. You want to continuously create high-quality content material, interact with your target market, and build a devoted following.

How to make money on tiktok Creator fund without followers

Making a living on TikTok without followers can be hard, as having a large following is usually a key issue in monetizing your content material. but, there are nevertheless some methods to potentially make cash on TikTok without a large target audience:

1. Offer services:

When you have a specific ability or expertise, including photo design, video modifying, or writing, you may provide your services to different TikTok creators or groups in want. you may sell your offerings through hashtags, direct messaging, or TikTok’s “For You” page.

2. Take part in challenges:

TikTok demanding situations are popular and regularly contain backed content material or prizes. through taking part in those demanding situations, you can probably earn money or prizes without having a big following. search for challenges that align with your interests and competencies, and participate often to boom your possibilities of winning.

3. Affiliate marketing:

you can earn a commission by using selling services or products in your target audience. affiliate advertising includes sharing a completely unique link or code that directs customers to a services or products, and if a person makes a purchase thru your hyperlink, you earn a commission. you can use platforms like Amazon associates or ClickBank to locate merchandise to sell.

How much tiktok creators fund pays

TikTok can pay eligible creators via its creator Fund software. The creator Fund is a pool of money that TikTok sets aside to pay eligible creators primarily based on their content’s overall performance and engagement. the exact quantity that TikTok will pay creators thru the creator Fund varies based totally on numerous factors, along with the number of views, engagement, and geographic location of the author’s target market.

As of 2021, TikTok reportedly can pay creators between $0.01 to $0.02 in step with view, this means that that a writer with 1 million views on their video should potentially earn between $10,000 to $20,000. but, it is critical to be aware that the payment structure and eligibility criteria for the creator Fund are situation to exchange, and no longer all creators will qualify for this system.

aside from the creator Fund, creators can also earn cash on TikTok through backed content material, emblem partnerships, associate advertising, merchandise sales, and stay streaming. the quantity that creators can earn via those channels varies based totally on their target market size, niche, and degree of engagement.

How to get view on tiktok without followers

Getting views on TikTok without followers can be challenging, however it is now not not possible. right here are some recommendations that will help you boom your TikTok views:

  1. Participate in challenges
  2. Use popular hashtags
  3. Use engaging thumbnails
  4. Collaborate with other creators
  5. Use trending sounds and music
  6. Post consistently

1. Take part in challenges:

Participating in TikTok challenges can assist increase your visibility and attain a wider target audience. look for challenges that align along with your pastimes and competencies, and ensure to apply relevant hashtags and tasty content.

2. Use famous hashtags:

Using relevant and famous hashtags can assist your motion pictures get observed by way of customers who’re inquisitive about your area of interest. Use gear like TikTok’s discovery web page or outside systems like Hashtagify to investigate and locate the first-rate hashtags to your content.

3. Use engaging thumbnails:

Your video thumbnail is the first element users will see when scrolling thru their For You page. Use eye-catching thumbnail that as it should be represents your video and entices users to click and watch.

4. Collaborate with other creators:

Collaborating with other TikTok creators allow you to reach their target market and vice versa. reach out to different creators for your niche and collaborate on a video or collection.

5. Use trending sounds and song:

The usage of popular sounds and music can growth the chances of your video being located at the For You page. take a look at the Sounds tab on TikTok to locate trending song and sounds that fit your content.

6. submit consistently:

Consistency is key when it comes to constructing an target market on TikTok. submit high-quality content frequently to hold your target market engaged and boom your probabilities of being discovered by new users.


TikTok offers numerous opportunities for creators to make money at the platform. whether or not it is thru brand collaborations, influencer advertising, the TikTok creator Fund, stay streaming, or merchandise sales, there are many ways to monetize your content and earn an earnings on TikTok.

While getting cash on TikTok can be challenging, it’s feasible with the right techniques and mind-set.


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